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The typical perception of teenagers, particularly mellennials is that we are the worst generation to ever walk the earth, and as member of this generation I agree. We could improve, but only few of us will. We feel entitled, but only a few of us understand that good things in life aren’t handed to you. They’re earned. If I was raised any other way, I would probably take part in this mass body of spoiled teenagers. ┬áMy story is a little different my parents were together until I was eight, typical right? Later on my father developed bipolar disorder with paranoia and delusions. My mother is there but ever sense the divorce, she’s not emotionally present, she checked out 10 years ago. My sisters and I barley talk, and I have no close family. I have two friends, a full time job and I’m a full time student. I work for not what I want primarily but what I need. I buy my school books and pay for things around the house and put gas in the car, because my mom has no job we live with my grandmother who provides for all of my family. I have a good life. I grew up a little faster that the other kids in my age group but it’s okay because I am stronger for that and I have no literal room for drama to occur. Many kids my age are entitled and spoiled and they let their words speak loud rather than their actions. There are others like me that see the world as a place in which it’s every man for himself. They say it takes a village, and it does, but at the end of the day your on your own.